Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scholarship and Internship Season

If you haven't already figured it out yet its that time of the year again. Most scholarships are in full swing and internships are starting to be put out. How do you find these scholarships and internships?

Fastweb is a good tool to find scholarships but there are also some state programs that keep track of this. All colleges offer scholarships specific to their school or department. Check out your school website and your bound to find some. Also those pointless newsletter emails that your school sends to you, READ THEM!. Most of them contain upcoming job openings, internships, as well as scholarships. If you open some of them up your bound to find something interesting.

Speaking of internships, most companies start posting their openings in late January, about now. Go to 15 or different companies you are interested in and find their current openings. Usually it is in their careers page which can be accessed at the bottom of their site. They then will redirect you to the proper location.

When filling out these applications, make sure you update your resume. No one wants to see an outdated resume which doesn't even have the correct contact information. In addition to this, it looks like you really want the job when it is entitled and directed toward a certain company. If you truly want the job spend some time and do a good job. Don't take your first offer unless you believe its going to be your only one. Just being the crappy one you didn't want responded first doesn't mean the others won't. Unless if you feel like their isn't a chance.